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II. The Building Process

Site Preparation: Before a single tree is moved, we will walk the lot together and stake the outline of the home on the site. We will tag the trees and natural vegetation that you, the customer, decide to keep on the property.


Foundation: Once the site is cleared and prepped, the elevation of your new home will be surveyed by our licensed surveyor. We believe that this is the most critical part of your home, therefore, our licensed general contractor will on site to inspect the entire process to ensure that your home is built on a strong foundation.

Framing: A licensed general contractor will be on site daily to oversee and inspect the framing. You will be invited to walk through the home to be educated on the internal framework of your home and to make last minute modifications.

Dry Ins: Once the windows, doors, siding, and roof have been installed, the house will be considered "Dried In" from the weather and all inside finishing work will begin.

Rough Ins: During this stage, all electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and internal systems will be installed. At this point you will participate in determining the locations of outlets, light switches, phone/cable jacks and anyother special requests you may have.

Trimout: Once the sheetrock has been hung, finished and inspected, we will install all the trim, doors, cabinets and specialty molding as specified on your selection sheet. Any additional customization can still be accommodated at this time.


Finals: This is where your new home really comes together. Flooring, lightning, plumbing, and specialty items will be installed based on the products you choose during the planning process. The landscaping of the yard takes place to give your home a finished appeal.

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